Prostate Screening

From the Cleveland Clinic: Prostate Cancer: Screening Guidelines

Short, unbiased and to the point. 

I struggle with this subject daily.  When I'm pressed for time, I find that I order the PSA, do the DRE and discuss it far less than I should.  These are generally patients who have had annual PSA tests done int he past – and have been told by someone that she "need to have a PSA."  When I'm not so pressed for time (or in denial) … I engage my patients and provide true informed consent.  All-in-all, a good discussion of PSA pro & con takes at least 10 minutes, and usually involves a quick review of this paper and its implications.

I'll usually bring in data that most men have some prostate cancer by the time we turn 60 .. and nearly half have some by age 50.

.. an interesting picture of an Italian perspecitve:

"Screening should be banned from current practice until its efficacy is demonstrated"

.. and here's the most recent news tidbit:  Inuit are protected against prostate cancer.