Magical Thinking

Red Sox fans everywhere – I'm sorry about tonight's game – it was my fault.  I'm not one of those crazy sports fans who think that my actions would control the outcome of a game .. but this series has been different.  I can't watch the games.  If I do – the Sox lose.  Last weekend, they won both of those games in Oakland as I was driving to/from Boston on the Mass Pike.   This weekend, Sam and I were at the game on Saturday – and we lost.  Sunday I was banned from the room by my wife – so that I wouldn't watch (and therefore ruin the game).  The won.  Tonight – (I am sooo sorry) I watched one inning with Sam before I sent to the office at about 5:00.  The Yankees got 3 runs in that inning and you know the rest.  I apologize to Red Sox fans everywhere.  I promise not to watch any more Red Sox games!

3 thoughts on “Magical Thinking

  1. We appreciate your apology. I think I may have helped by going to the bathroom while they were in the field, as I usually go pee between innings. I’ll share some blame.

  2. Jacob:

    I disagree…. the soxs are snake bitten… 1918!!! Not your fault… you were born long after that date… I take it you started watching TV consistently in 1966 and the red sox won many games with you there as an avid fan.

  3. i have the exact opposite situation w/the yankees – if i see them live, they win. it’s worked 24 times in a row! i am cheering for the sox, though, this time. i like underdogs. no more watching the games, jacob! i promise not to GO to any of the final games if you don’t WATCH any. deal?

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