Free Computers for the disabled

The Jim Mullen Foundation is giving away free computers to people with disabilities.  I can think of a few patients who would benefit from this .. can you?

(update: please don't ask me to help get computers for someone.  Follw the link and apply)

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  1. Need computer for doing school work in computer repair & technology. Later for opening consulting company.

  2. I am trying to find a friend a free computer..She is on a limited income…She is paralyzed from the waist down…The computer is her onlu contact
    with others,,If anyone knows who I can contact ,pls email me…Thank you..

  3. Reply for free computers in Washington State-try Computer Bank Charity-you need to write a letter to them requesting computer or printer-supply is usually not latest model, but is functional-no guarantee-see Washington Assistive Technology site for address and phone number-physical address is somewhere in Kent, WA. Not Fircrest School (15th Ave. Seattle) Society is run by Seattle KEGS volunteers. Easter Seal Society is also good-see WATA site or local phone book-sites are in Seattle and Spokane, WA.

  4. iam trying to find a computer for my friend who is very disabled it would help him to have access to news pappers and meet some friends to chat with and to play games on iam his only friend he has no family around to help him with anything.hes very depressed and feels useless and a computer would help him very much

    bety andel

  5. My 40 year old nephew was hit on his bicycle by a drunk. He is now in a home in Snohomish, WA. He has use of his feet enough to push keys on a computer and use of his left hand enough to push a pointer onto keys. He has no computer and would like to be productive. He has a good mind and is conversant. Please help to get him a laptop and a job. I know that is a lot to ask but he needs help. Can you imagine being him, please help.

  6. i am a 40 year old but i became disabled in a very different way i have dealt with high blood pressure since i was 13 i finally had a stroke to the bone on my left hip and now to the mail box is a real work out.I am fortunate in some ways i have permission to use this one until i can get one.

  7. I also am interested in donated computers for people who are in some way disabled. One way that computers and other necessary equipment is possibly available to a person with a disability is the Social Security PASS plan. This plan is only available if the person is interested in becoming able to work. Good Luck.

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