One thought on “Antipsychotics

  1. I have been using Abilify for some time now, “off label” of course, since all of my clients are under age 21. As a child psychiatrist, I have gotten used to having to prescribe almost everything I need off label. Abilify is often a fantastic alternative to risperdal as it truly does not cause weight gain. Most clients feel “better” within hours, and do not feel sedated. There is a small percentage who become energized or hypomanic with Abilify, and that has been the greatest difficulty so far. My two child psych colleagues in the office are equally impressed with this product. It isn’t our first choice for children, but it has great promise as an option when weight gain is unacceptable. It is terribly expensive, and for this reason is not the drug of choice initially when a major tranquilizer is needed. On the other hand, patient compliance is not an issue with Abilify, as it has been with most of the other major tranqilizers.

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