Google Adsense

I've signed up with Google's AdSense to see what all of this advertising talk is all about.  There are now ads at the top of all archived posts.  No ads on the main entry page  – so I've not sold out entirely.  Most of the ~ 400 or so hits to the site every day  come from search engines, and point to individual posts.  Google puts up ads on those pages that are relevant to the searches.  There's no way for the ads to influence my writing (as would be the case with explicit sponsors), and it's reasonably easy to remove if I get lots of hate-mail.  Perhaps it will generate the $7.95/month that I pay for hosting docnotes on pure nrg's servers

One thought on “Google Adsense

  1. Ok .. update after 2 hours. This works. It will pay for the hosting. Not college for the kids .. but .. every little bit will help.

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