Generic pharmaceuticals

This report (RealAudio) on NPR's Marketplace yesterday, highlights a component of the current generic drug system that I wasn't aware of.  This is another reminder that the laws in this country on pharmaceutical production and distribution favor the big guys .. not the little people.


3 thoughts on “Generic pharmaceuticals

  1. Sick, ain’t it? I first read about it earlier this year. FamiliesUSA has a good listing and explanation of how it all works, as well as this timeline (PDF) which explains the NPR piece, as well as some other routes big Pharma takes as well.

  2. Where do the generics come from, I ask? Remember that in order to fund research and development for newer and smarter pills a profit must be made. As long as generic companies take away a Medical company’s ability to profit, the potential for finding the molecularly engineered miracles is diminished.
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