Soccer Mouthguards

Asked tonight at the Soccer parents meeting if we should require the kids to wear them.


Here's the 1st part:  They won't wear them unless they really fit well

There are several papers on the use of mouthguards – but I can't find anything that is specific to this question:  What is the incidence of dental injuries in soccer (Football in non-US papers) players – and is that number significantly reduced in players who wear mouthguards?


2 thoughts on “Soccer Mouthguards

  1. Mouthguards are worn for several reasons, one of which is to protect teeth. Probably more important in most sports is to protect the brain. With a mouthguard in place forces applied to the lower jaw are diminished before reaching the brain. This is why boxers wear a mouthguard and why they are required in highschool hockey even though the players wear a full face guard that protects their teeth.
    Since soccer often results in falls to the ground and knees and elbows to the face, I usually recommend the mouth guard to protect the brain rather than the teeth.

  2. As I remember from playing (American) football, the mouthguard does interfere with breathing — a real problem for soccer players, who don’t get to stand around for 90% of the game…

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