RelayHealth Replacement

We've finally migrated off of Relayhealth.  It was good while it lasted. but overall, I found that we used only 20% of the functions.  I was also frustrated that the system had no way of merging the messages in Relayhealth with our EMR.  This is ironic, of course, since practices "on the cutting edge" would be the ones more likely to be using relayhealth AND using an EMR .. so one would think that Relayhelath would want to give us a method of getting those records into the EMR. 


"Print them" was what their (nice) customer service rep told me last year.  

So …  as usual .. we built our own.  We call the system the Slingerlands Family Medicine PatientSite … at ..  Slingerlands is the name of the small town near Albany, New York where our practice is located.    Yep .. I registered the name back in the bad old days when no one knew what the Internet was.  Thought it would come in handy some day.  If you are interested in how the system works, please send me  a message and I'll e-mail you a test username and password.  It's pretty simple.

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  1. couldn’t you copy the url into your EMR? relayHealth is web based, so i figure you could click on a link within the EMR record, and bring up the relayHealth message.

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