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Barbara Supanich, R.S.M., MD – Associate Professor, Michigan State University, Munson Family Practice Residency, Traverse City, Michigan – has developed a great tool for use in residency education.  

The pharmacy representative evaluation form (.doc) (pdf) can be used to help physicians to critically evaluate the information provided to them by pharmaceutical representatives. This is an excellent tool that may even be useful to those who are no longer in training.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. How is it utilized? Is it part of a rotation in evidence based medicine or is it required each time that a resident has contact with a detail person?

    What would motivate a resident to utilize this form of evaluation? I find that they are so enamoured with free med, gift or meal that their ability to think critically is clouded.

    Has anyone looked at compiling the results of the evaluation to change the behavior of the detail person…i.e. positive feedback rather than my crusty negative feedback?

    Thanks again for posting this. BTW, this is an awesome use of weblog, may steal the idea…

    JMPontious MD
    OU/Enid Family Medicine
    Enid, Oklahoma

  2. This excellent teaching aid was developed by Shaughnessey and Slawson as part of their model curriculum on pharmaceutical detailing. They now have ten years of experience with it at Harrisburg and Charlottesville. Part of what makes this curriculum work is that it is part of a larger curriculum in what they call “information mastery,” pervasively implemented throughout their residency programs. The curriculum and forms are covered as part of the excellent Information Mastery conference in Charlottesville, VA every spring. See also these articles:

    Shaughnessy AF. Slawson DC. Bennett JH. Teaching information mastery: evaluating information provided by pharmaceutical representatives, Family Medicine. 27(9):581-5, 1995 Oct [This describes the curriculum itself]

    Shaughnessy AF, Slawson DC, Bennett JH. Separating the wheat from the chaff: identifying fallacies in pharmaceutical promotion. J Gen Intern Med 1994;9:563-7 [This describes the concepts behind the curriculum and the evaluation form]

    Max Yarowsky, MD, Fellow
    Reproductive Health Program
    Department of Family Medicine
    University of Rochester
    [email protected]

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