The Physician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers

The AMA has released The Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers.  I'll admit that I have not read the whole 200 page document.  But it looks like a useful resource, with some screening tools and educational worksheets for both physicians and patients.

The AMA's web designers have a thing or two to learn about web user -interface though … when you click on the link above .. you get to the page that promotes the resource.  It's a press release.  The user is then told to "Click here to view"  .. which leads to another page describing the resource … along with links to 18 separate PDF files .. which one must click (18 times) to view the document.    What were they thinking?  If we wanted to read it on the web — we sure didn't want to see it in PDF .. (recall that PDF is for printingnot for online reading) .. but if we want to print it … uh .. we sure don't want to download 18 separate PDFs to print! … well .. as a service to docnotes readers .. here's a link to the whole thing — in printable form — a bit smaller than PDF — using Macromedia FlashPaper as a delivery mechanism.  Still not fit for web viewing, but at least you don't have to download 18 documents if you want it printed. 

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