Oncalls and RSS

It's been a (very) long time since I mentioned OnCalls.   The physician scheduling software that is the best-thing-since-sliced bread.  ;-)  ….  

Last week, Dave mentioned this post about RSS and calendars.  Hmm … it got me thinkin … In addition to the web interface, we've had a .Net client for Oncalls for about 6 months – but it's a heavyweight – since it requires .Net framework to install. 

Tonight while I watched the Red Sox win (will they make it this year?), I set up an RSS feed for OnCalls.  It was pretty easy.  Now any group that uses OnCalls can also use one of the many RSS readers or aggregators to see their call schedule. 

I've got to work out a few little issues .. but it seems to work quite well with rather little effort.  Here's a link to some demo data in RSS .. and here's a view of how it looks in FeedDemon:

Oncalls RSS ScreenShot