Medlog Meetings?

Steve … over at Tales of Hoffman says:

Do You Know Where You're Going To? Got a nice note from Alwin this morning. He's also wondering why Dave W. seems to be ignoring the Medical blogs (at least in terms of Bloggercon). Oh well. Maybe we can get something going ourselves…Here's a "crazy" idea. If you are a "medblogger", send me a list of the upcoming conferences you think you'll be attending over the next conference season. If I see any type of critical mass at one place or another, (or if I even see two of you going to the same spot at the same time) I'll set up a medical blogger meet. Let's see if this can work…

Nice idea, Steve. 


Here's one .. let's do a Medlog worksop at a conference … at the … Medscape booth.  Set up a kinda theater-style demo (like the silly EMR vendors do) and give out dorky "Medical Blogger" baseball hats … and we set up a sponsored medical weblog site using TypePad.  … Hmm ..