Gross Anatomy

Gross Anatomy is another weblog added to today .. and Mr Hassle's RSS feed is working, so she's there too now.

I enjoy the new medbloggers … especially the medical students and residents.  It's great to see/hear their development as physicians. 

We've got an internal weblogging experiment going on here at Albany Medical College.  We've got beginning 2nd year medical students placed around the country in culturally diverse clinical settings, and they are all using a weblog to communicate their experiences with each other.  For the privacy of the patients, the physicians (even if no PHI is revealed) and the authors, it's all in a password – protected directory.  So you can't see it.    But it's top-notch stuff — and I think that it's been a great demonstration that this sort of technology can be quite useful.     Are other educational institutions using weblogs in this way?