TV physicians

Why don't the physicians on TV ever write progress notes?  John Carter! … Medical Records is calling .. you're waaay behind on your progress notes!

Talking with, examining, listening to our patients is the easy (and rewarding) part of the job.

The paperwork (or computerwork) is the compoenent that's not so fun .. but is just as necessary.  I'm not sure that anyone who's not a physician really understands this challenge.   After seeing our patients for a day, we make phone calls .. with lab resuts etc .. and return the calls that have come in … THEN we try to finish our notes for the day … and review new labs and letters that have come in .. and … make it home by midnight .. or the kids' soccer game if possible.

I'm pretty good at "multitasking" .. but this recent article in Family Practice Management reminds us that we're better off if we just focus on doing what needs doing .. and get it done.