Asthma Patient info

Always on the lookout for good patient info .. here's some stuff on asthma .. with a good selection of links:

Asthma: Breathing Easier — With a Little Online Help –

( that may help you in understanding other asthma resources. Allergies can also play a role in asthma. Allergies were the focus of a previous review ( Medicines have an important role in controlling asthma. offers handouts on asthma medicines ( and and on taking asthma medicine safely ( At the AANMA's online pharmacy ( you can find pointers on medicines and devices for people with asthma and allergies, including questions to ask your pharmacist, guidelines on purchasing safely online, information on recalls, and assistance programs to help low-income people get the medicines they need. The American Lung Association features an Asthma Profiler designed to help patients and their physicians make decisions about treatment based on scientific evidence