The Choice of Outpatient CPR’s: Questions to Ask

I've been looking for this a few days …  finally  found it.   The Choice of Outpatient CPR's: Questions to Ask

This is a good review of many components that one should expect in an outpatient EMR.  Missing is a tool to help asess the importance of any feature .. and then how well that feature is implemented.

Recall Reider's Rule:  P = V/ W

Priority = Value / Work.

We'll need to modify it a bit to compare one EMR against another …

S = sum(Q/w)

  • S = Score.  The highest score will yield the best product
  • Q =  Quality = (QI x V)
    • V = the perceived value of a given function.  For example, prescription writing is a function that is very important.  So we may give it a "10."  This number remains the same for all products, since we're scroing the value of the function.
    • QI = Quality of Implementation.  How well does This vendor's product implement this function?
  • w = Work.  Work is usually expressed either in dollars, or as a 0 – 10 score.  It's an expression of how hard it is to implement and support the product or function.  Charge Capture, for example, may require an additional interface, which adds cost.  One vendor may charge $5000 for the interface, while another charges $10,000.