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In next week's American Medical News appears an interesting article on medical weblogs.

Bob Cook's the author. He's got things mostly right .. 'cept …

a) David Theige's MedEdNEws was the first medical Weblog (1998!)  .. though it's now dormant.  You can see the early stuff here on the Internet Archive

b) No mention of Family Medicine Notes … ;-( .. I'm sooo insulted.  (And this was the second medical weblog)

c)  He's "outed" out another medical weblogger's real identity .. something I've been careful not to do.

Anonymity was important to her .. and I think that it's an interesting component of what medical weblogging is for this weblogger:  an opportunity to discuss and inform .. without being concerned that the opinions she voices on the web will cause her patients to respond to her differently.

I hadn't thought about this until I had an e-mail conversation with her about it a few weeks ago — but it does make sense:  The opinions that we physicians share on our weblogs do reveal how we feel about certain issues.  Sex, drugs, Rock 'n roll, vaccinations, antibiotic overuse, abortion, etc etc etc. 

I've had many patients comment on the weblog postings on Docnotes .. and the feedback is always positive .. but what have I said on the weblogs that has alienated my patients? How would I know? 

So I am respectful of those who choose to 'blog' anonymously …  I wonder if Bob asked if it was OK …

One thought on “AMNews: Medlogs

  1. Well Dr. Jacob,

    If it is any comfort to you, your outspoken opinions about the medical ethics (or lack of) involved with infant circumcision have tempted our family to pick up and move to your town. I have been unable to find a physician in my area who holds themself to such a high standard. The fundamental rift between mine and a circumciser’s philosophy causes me to doubt *everything* about that person’s judgement, commitment to human health and medical standards.

    Yours Truly, a midwestern mother of two.

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