Create the tools for development, dissemination and implementation of high quality decision support rules.
    Increase the availability and use of computerized decision support rules in clinical medicine.
    Catalyze the development of a robust community of clinical decision support rule writers and rule implementers. 
    IMKI's program areas bring the best medical evidence to the point of care. The organization has received a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop the following initiatives:


    • An Internet-based, searchable Rules Library of evidence-based rules for inclusion in point-of-care clinical decision support (CDS) systems.
      An Internet-based rule-authoring tool that allows clinicians to write new rules and includes a system for disseminating the Public Library.
      An Implementation Support Network, a facilitated forum for delivery systems implementing
      CDS systems. 

Their board is full of well-placed representatives from many of the more important software vendors (Siemens and GE for example) – so one could presume that the rules engines in the products of those vendors would be compatible with the end-products of the IMKI initiatives.

The web resources page and the articles page also provide excellent background documents for those considering physician-order-entry projects.