“Go to the ER”

   ER.jpg    Richard  and Allen talk (tongue-in-cheek) about sending patients to the ER.  Unlike Craig who just closed his practice … I deftected from the academic medical center's "primary care network" (6 months before it imploded) about 18 months ago. nbsp; So my practice is building.  Wo do our very best to keep our patients out of the emergency departments.  The patients we have the most trouble with are those who are accustomed to the "Go to the ER" mantra from their previous physicians .. and just show up without even calling us .. for minimal problems.

We'll happily stitch up the finger from a Sunday Morning Bagel-cutting accident — or check an ear in a child with a fever. 

It's better care than the ER … where the Mantra is "meet-em, treat-em and street-em."   ;-)