Family Medicine Match

2003 Match Results Unwelcome, But Not Unexpected — American Academy of Family Physicians:

Despite diligent efforts by the Academy and other family medicine organizations, preliminary results released March 20 by the National Resident Matching Program show that family practice continues to struggle to position itself as the specialty of choice among medical students deciding on a career path.

It's hard to explain the shift away from family medicine over the last 3 years.  Our residency actually filled this year – with all US graduates.  And of 130 medical students – 16 went in to family medicine.  This is down from a few years ago, when we were routinely graduating 20 – 25 students into the speciality.

I had an advisee whe struggled with her choice a great deal this year — hmm .. I think I always have one ot two who struggle a bit .. but this one didn't know until "match day" whether she would be a family physician or go into medicine-pediatrics.

In my mind, the differences are vast, but she seemed to give some thought to the fp-bashing coming from ofther physicians – especially (primarily?) other generalists: pediatricians and internists.