Bedside, Zixcorp

Oh my, it's been quite a while since my last post.  I've been at home most of the last week with a terrible cold.  I'd even wonder if it was influenza out loud … but I'm a bit of a flu-non-believer.  I believe that it exists .. but most winter colds are .. colds, not "the flu."  So I have a bad cold.  Just starting to feel OK after 1 week.  No more night sweats, but still congested and coughing a bit.

On to the e-mail in-box:

1) Carl Gandola has a new weblog …  Looks great .. and he's on a roll … several interesting posts today .. including this one about the US Living Will Registry

2) I had an e-mail conversation this weekend with a PR guy hired by HealthyEmail/Zixcorp.  They're helping me to understand the company.  Turns out that I posted some information last week that contradicts with their ideas of how HealthyEmail should be interpreted.

The whole thing is documented here

And here's the Application that Zixcorp filed with the Texas Secretary of State to create HealthyEmail.