Several brands of extended-release guaifenesin to be removed from market

Quiet times on the weblog usually mean busy times in the office .. which is certainly the case.  I'm also finishing up on the revisions to the HHS grant that we're working on for STFM to create FMDRL – the Family Medicine Digital Resources Library, and I'm working on a paper on bipolar disorder for American Family Physician

ok .. now to today's tidbit:  there are 66 companies that make forms of extended-release guaifenesin.  These products are prescribed by many physicians .. and the evidence for their efficacy is scant.  The FDA requires that medications actually do what they claim to do, and Mucinex was the only extended release guaifenesin that could demonstrate efficacy.  So their product is the only one that will remain available.

The immediate release products (cough syrups conataining guaifenesin such as robitussin) are not effected by this ruling.