FSU College of Medicine: Yoga, Deans and “resignations”


My good friend Richard Usatine wrote this book with a Yoga instructor.  Back in December, 2002 when he was Associate Dean of the FSU medical school, the press release featured Dr Usatine.

Last week brought another FSU press release — announcing that Joe Scherger and Richard Usatine were no longer holding positions of authority in the medical school. 

With an upcoming LCME site visit, it seems that FSU felt they needed someone else at the helm.  I don't know enough about the politics or the particulars, but I do know that Richard and Joe are two of the finest family physicians in the country, and it is a shame to see them treated in this manner. 

As Richard was quoted in the Talahassee Democrat last week:

"I think that we at FSU had developed a state-of-the-art, wonderful curriculum for our students," Usatine said. "The curriculum was preparing them to be humanistic physicians with excellent skills in every aspect of medicine."

I hope that FSU does well, and that Richard and Joe can land on their feet — whether at FSU or elsewhere.