Docnotes Traffic Watch

A picture named serverstats.gifThe SQLserver worm is now well documented.

This server seems to be holding up just fine.  We do use SQLserver for OnCalls, and the Docnotes website lives on one of the OnCalls servers.

The OnCalls SQLservers were fully patched, but I spent some time today making sure that I had installed the most recent service packs (SP3 just was released three days ago) to all of the servers.  Everything's nicely buttoned down, and we had no downtime aside from a few reboots today for my service pack installations. 

I use sitemeter to track traffic on docnotes.  While I do have the IIS logs, sitemeter is easier.  You can see in the graph above that I had tracking off for a few weeks.  The sitemeter server that tracks docnotes seems to have been down yesterday.  No hits at all on the 25th.