CPSC, Innova Inc. Announce Recall to Replace Exploding Frying Pans

The pans can explode or separate when preheated, used on high heat, or used for frying, which can pose a serious burn hazard from hot oil or food contents spilling onto consumers …HSN LP (Home Shopping Network) sold the pans nationwide from October 2001 through September 2002 for between $20 and $50 individually and between $150 and $300 as a set.

At first, I thought that this was a joke.  Frying pans exploding?  I suppose it's the "double-wall" thing.  Seems like a good idea at first …  double-walls.  Here's the (not-so) funny part … a description of Ultrex II pots and pans.  This is NOT the recalled line (which have been withdrawn from the market) … but it's the same company:

From stock pots to omelet pans, fryers to casseroles, Ultrex II nonstick cookware delivers form, function and practicality. With 18/10 stainless steel construction, tempered glass lids, easy-grip handles and ergonomic design, it will endure the rigors of real-life, daily use. It may just outlast the cook!

But the recalled pans remain available from some sources.  For example, Graveyard Mall.com (no .. I'm not kidding!) .. still has them available. 

Along with making sure that our patients wear their seatbelts .. we should now make sure we take an accurate frying pan history.