Ionized bracelets – no better than placebo – what you didn’t see on TV

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Today was the 1st time I've had a patient tell me that they actually bought a q-ray bracelet.  Yes .. as-seen-on-TV.  "These things are REMARKABLE" according to the very happy people on the infomercials.  My patient wasn't so pleased.  His shoulder still hurt .. and he's out the $90 for the bowling league since I told him to give it a rest for 2 weeks.

In this month's Mayo Clinic Proceedings is a paper that will likely (let's hope!) spread the work about these things.  In a randomized placebo controlled trial, the ionized bracelet was just as ineffective as the placebo bracelet.  

Next on the agenda… magnetized back brace.  Not much in the literature (that I can find) on this yet.  There was a pilot study a few years ago that showed no effect.  I've heard anecdotes from several patients (including one today) that this is effective.   We'll have to see.