Information Technology Projects Evaluation Process

Evaluating technology projects is hard .. and many organizations don't (yet) have an infrastructure for doing so.

Using Reider's Rule (see below) is my method.  But it's more complicated that that.  Using technology in a business, an organization, a school .. or even a medical practice … It's important to make certain that there is a clear process for how such projects are identified, prioritized, and implemented.  In the absence of such a process, one can't be sure that the right projects are getting implemented.

  1. Idea Solicitation. It's important to develop a mechanism to ask for ideas.  If we implement projects from the top of the Ivory Tower .. we can't be sure we're really meeting the needs of the users.  Develop a method for proposals to be submitted.  A web form, a paper form, or even just a contact person.  The more detailed informatin that is gathered about the proposal — the better.
  2. Align Projects with Strategic Goals and Objectives.  If you don't know what the strategic goals are .. then you'll have to go back and do some strategic planning.   The Value of a project can me measured on many variables .. but alignment with strategic goals is probably the most important.   Other methods of assessing value will depend on the proposal.  Does the proposed project make it easier for workers? Will it enhance revenue?  Will it decrease cost? .. enhance communication? .. etc.
  3. Develop a method of determining the work that would be required to implement the project.  Who is going to do it?  How much is it going to cost?  How long will ti take?  Who will maintain it once it's "up."  How will it be kept up-to-date?

I'm off to the Airport .. more tomorrow …