Common Issues in the Care of Sick Neonates

Busy at the office recently.  It's good and bad.  Good because we may be able to make rent this month without borrowing (again) .. bad because there is less time with each patient. 

Was told last week that the three physicians in our practice "really listen" unlike physicians our patients had previously seen.  It's nice to hear this once in a while .. As Joe Scherger says:  "your patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Many new babies in the last few weeks.  Two of them were in the NICU for a few hours … (one didn't really need to be there though .. a source of some disagreement ..  This month's AFP has a good review on sick children. 

I'm going to the AAMC meeting on Friday .. but not staying very long .. as I need to get back and be with my family .. which is so precious these days.  The tree-house is almost finished.  It's got a roof, but no roof shingles yet. 

Lots going on at the Medical Center recently as well.  We're still plugging along with our friends from Siemens.  We're an "early adopter" for the new Soarian product .. which is (predictably) slipping a bit from its originally scheduled release date.  We've met some great people working for Siemens on this project … so it may really turn out "just right."  Time will tell.