Mini-EMR demonstration

Wow.  I posted a note on the AAFP listserv this morning … "I'll try to post some screenshots this weekend."  I guess people want to see the screenshots .. as I have many such e-mails this morning.  Here goes.  It's a  "viewlet."  50 screenshots in a ~4 minute demo.  You will need Flash installed in your browser. Mini-EMR demo

The demo is a rudimentary example of my view of what we need to develop in the future: 


PERFECT user experience
MINIMAL complexity – with focus on the core ADLs that we really need (and not what we "want")
         Manage lists (meds/problems/allergies/procedures) 
         Communicate (order/manage/reconcile labs/referrals/medications) 

Note that progress notes aren't here. Progress notes involve too much data "put" .. we need to focus on fantastic data "get" (show/visualize etc) .. and facilitated "put" where necessary.  Think about the Palm Pilot.  It does four things – and it does them well.  EMRs today are like MSFT's attempts to create portable computing functionality: do many things poorly.  I'll create the Palm Pilot for healthcare some day. I promise!