Back home in Smallbany today.

A picture named finkel.jpg

Back home in Smallbany today. Ian Finkel, the famous xylophone player (no .. I  hadn't heard of him either), sat behind me on the plane.  He doesn't look like this anymore.  I bet he took this picture about 30 years ago. No kidding.  He was playing a set on the Holland America cruise down the Mexican west coast, and Mrs. Frank (changed her name from Frankenstein during the 1950's) had been a passenger on the cruise.   She loved his show .. and loved the cruise.  Lots of playing bridge and relaxing.  I worked some on the computer and didn't listen at all to their very entertaining conversation.  One thing I can say about elderly jews – they certainly have character.  Me in 40 years.

Speaking of which .. I finally was motivated today to look up the compliment paid by Mrs E. .. one of my favorite "little-old-jewish-lady" patients … she called me a "sheyne punim."