WWPP World Wide Pursuing Perfection in Health Care

WWPP World Wide Pursuing Perfection in Health Care is a shared weblog.  It's hard to tell exactly what's going on here until one digs rather deep.   Looks like this is a local initiative in Whatcom County to improve healthcare delivery, quality and services in a whole community.  This is ground-breaking stuff, and very exciting to see this group of people working to develop models of coordinated healthcare delivery.  One example is that they will aim to create a single community-wide medication list:

A single medication list across the community is closer to reality due to the excellent work of a CHF Medication Team under the guidance of Carol Boston-Fleischauer.  This team with 3 patients as full participants, retail pharmacy, and home health joined clinicans from the pilot sites to identifiy significant barriers to safety.  They have made recommendations about first steps and implementation teams will begin the work of process improvement in this area.

I wonder what the HIPAA implications are .. hmm