New York Times: What if it’sa Big Fat Lie

Todays' New York Times Magazine features a compelling and extremely well written article on the paradox of how the dietary changes that "modern medicine" advises have been coincident with increasing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diease — despite decreasing intake of fat and cholesterol.  Carbohydrates — dare we say — are likely to play a role in these pathologies, and yet the fact that this agrees with Dr Atkins makes everyone in the medical community a little nervous.  

If we step back for a moment .. this all does make sense.  It's endocrinology 101, as the article says .. but Dr Atkins advice to eat as much fat as we like is also not likely to help us at all.  The take-home message may be that low fat AND low carbohydrate intake would be best.  duh.