I’ve re-read my last two

I've re-read my last two posts.  Every time I read them again .. I find more typos.  Radio sure does need a spell checker!.

Maybe I'll try JSpell – Java and HTML Form Spell Check  … They'll send me a copy just for posting their URL.  We'll see how that works.

While waiting for the JSpell folks .. I've just downloaded the evaluation version of Hotlingo. Not bad.  It found 3 more typos in the previous post. 

Web Browser Spell Check seems to work OK too .. though it's more expensive (much) .. and uses Microsoft Word to do the heavy lifting.

And iespell is free.  So far, I would say that I like iespell .. though we'll see how JSpell is when I get it.

Update: got jspell (quick service .. they e-mailed it to me in only about 2 hrs) .. it's user interface is clean, and it works well.  Now it's a toss-up.  For now, I have all 3 installed.  will do more testing.