Lyme Disease: Prevention and Control

It's Lyme disease time of year again.  Well .. not really.  It's tick bite time of year … though we have seen lyme disease already …

Many people are spening time outside .. so lots of people are getting bitten by something.   The CDC is talking about a way to protect mice from ticks. hmm ..

Back here on earth, I've been struggling with what to do about people with real tick bites.  Back in the dark ages, I would provide a handout, reassure the patients that they have only a 2% risk of getting lyme .. and (of course) refuse to treat with antibiotics.

Last year's article on lyme as a great imitator brings up good examples of why we can't be so careless about this diagnosis.  And of course the paper from last year's NEJM on how one dose of doxycycline prevents lyme disease.  Hmm ..