It’s been over a week

It's been over a week since I posted last.  Will try to get here more often.  Sorry.  Last week was full of patient care (of course) and finishing the application for a grant to help build a digital library of family medicine resources.  While I'vebeen involved in grants before, this was my first experience as the primary author of a grant. 

Today's medical interest:

Saw a 40ish man who runs a lot … looks like he may have a fibular stres fracture.  How to diagnose this?  Well … there's a guideline on appropriate work-up of stress fractures, and clearly the recommendation is that after at least one .. but perhaps two negative x-rays … MRI is the best modaility.  I ordered x-ray #2 yessterday, and tried to set up MRI, but the patient's insurance refuses to let a primary care physician order and MRI.  Wow.  Will refer to ortho.