Overuse of Macrolides: a bad thing (duh)

Man … I missed this one last month .. an important paper.  The focus here is on how lazy physicians are.  um .. I mean … how popular extended-spectrum antibiotics are.  Why are they popular?  Azithromycin and Clarithromycin (no .. I don't even want to give theURLs) .. though I remain angry about the kidsears.com website .. sponsored by the company that makes one of these drugs …

Anyway … they're so well marketed.. and they appeal to the physician who isnt' sure (or doesn't care) which organism is causing the infection.  Don't know?  .. use these drugs .. so you won't have to think.

Now you'll have to think again ..since they won't work anymore for strep throat.  Shoulda used penicillin in the first place.  duh.