Male Circumcision, Penile Human Papillomavirus Infection, and Cervical Cancer

Yikes.  The floodgates will open again over this article. Some things to consider:  HPV can likely live better in warm, moist places.  Uncircumcised men have warmer, moister "places" than circumcised men.  So what?  The issue here is whether we should advocate a surgical procedure to remove a part of a person's body .. or whether we should counsel them to live their lives in such a way as to prevent STDs  (practice safe sex).   Should we remove all kids tonsils to they don't get tonsillitis?  Certainly we won't have anyone with tonsillitis if we do this at birth.  While we're at it .. let's remove their toenails.  I saw several patients this week with ingrown toenails.. boy is that painful! … could be prevented if we just removed them alltogether when they were babies!

We take an oath to "first do no harm." While some interventions may be necessary .. I think that the case still has not been made for circumcision to become a routine, medically indicated procedure.    Association does not imply causilty .. and all that this study demonstrates is a correlation.  Does TICK cause TOCK?  Of course not .. but the correlation = 1.  So What?   Exactly.