Motivated my Dave Winer’s new

Motivated my Dave Winer's new weblog directory, I've moved the docnotes stuff up to the docnotes server.  It's a static site for now, so no search engine (yet).  When I started this "weblog" in1999, I used blogger.  I still don't have all of the blogger posts migrated into radio .. but I've almost got them in.  Conversant was my next tool, which I (mostly) liked, but I found the user interface confusing and I never quite clicked with it.  I'm a physician, not a rocket scientist!   I really liked the fact that conversant had a search engine though.  Now macrobyte has released a search engine for radio .. and this looks like it'll give me exactly what I need.   

Only problem is that the server you're reading this on isn't running radio .. and it's already running quite a lot (IIS, Coldfusion, mdaemon, SQLServer, and simpleDNSPlus).  It's our only server for at the moment .. and obviously takes care of many tasks.  We're shopping for another server .. and once we get that up, we'll  probably put a copy of radio and RCS up there.   For now, Docntoes will be static.