We’re releasing the new version

We're releasing the new version of oncalls soon.  This has been a long long road.  Well over a year in development, this little site has comsumed most of my free time .. and some of my not-free time too.

It's not XML.  Though it could be.  It's not a weblog.  It doesn't do web services (though I could make it do so! .. just don't have anyone to serve it to… ).   It's just a clean, well designed application that does it's job.  

The core off the application is a database – SQLserver – and a web application – built in coldfusion.  Why Coldfusion?

a) It's easy to learn, and doesn't require "code immersion" as do many langualges.  Have I coined a new term?  …. To code in C or Pascal or — yes Dave — Usertalk .. one needs to be immersed in the code.  The programmers get "in the zone." and they work productively.

I already have two jobs.  I'm a family physician and a medical school teacher/hospital infromatician.  I spend my days seeing patients and going to meeting and writing/reading things.  I like my jobs: I find them exiting and educational.  It is truly a priviledge to be doing what I do for a living.

But I also love the creativity of programming.  I don't have 6 hour blocks of time to become immersed in my code.  I have 10 minutes here and 30 minutes there .. and a few minutes before bed.   With Coldfusion, I can start and stop and do pretty well to keep things moving forward.  Complex data structures do get confusing sometimes .. but so long as I leave cooke crumbs along the way .. I'm fine.

b) Collaborative development is easy with coldfusion.  See above.  I'll do this part you do that part.  Sometimes I don't see Dave Ross for weeks and weeks .. but we still work well together.  To be honest — he's doing most of the developmen tehse days .. but I still understand 90% of what he;s doing . and I can pitch in here and there.  To KNOW what my programmer is doing for/with me is important to me.  I can't manage someone who is implementing somethign I don't understand.  Like the service manager at the car dealership who has never been a mechanic.  This would never work ..


c) Coldfusion is fun.  (see a above) .. I teach medical students and they're up to speed in only a few days.  The lerning curve is short because they really can "get it" rather quickly.