Long day at the office

Long day at the office today.   I'm getting the hang of it again .. and indeed I find it very enjoyable.  Lots of bronchitis.  No antibiotics! ..

Lots of babies today too.  Jessie is 6 months old.  So inquisitve.  Life is a big journey …he's DISCOVERING .. as we all are .. but it seems so much more clear when he does it.  Very cool.

Several new patients.  I keep hearing that "no doctor has ever really LISTENED to me before" …

I do try to listen to my patients.  Seems so necessary.  I can't imagine NOT listening.     Don't we need to HEAR what our patients tell us.

Yes, it gets time consuming.  Marian Stuart writes a great guide in The fifteen minute hour.  Yikes.  $72 on Amazon.