Looking into logos for

Looking into logos for family medicine & found these on google
A picture named titlebarnew.gif

 I kinda like the family thing in the Boston University logA picture named images.jpgo above ..

The computer one here is nice too .. but I guess it's a bit too nerdy ..

A picture named fp7.jpg .. and the "family" ones are OK … A picture named fp9.jpgA picture named fp6.jpgA picture named FP3.jpg


 A picture named fp5.jpgA picture named FP2.jpgI kinda like this one with the hands too …



 A picture named fp10.jpgA picture named fp4.jpg


From the CDC:   Risk Factors

From the CDC:   Risk Factors for Otitis Media and Carriage of Multiple Strains of Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae: "Carriage of multiple genetic types of H. influenzae was associated with child's age, antibiotic use, exposure to smoking, and history of allergies. Carriage of multiple genetic types of H. influenzae may be an intermediate step in the biologic pathway leading to otitis media and may explain the increased episodes of otitis media observed in children with allergies or children exposed to smoking."

Tonight, I’m writing a business

Tonight, I'm writing a business case for a project at the hospital.  It's a tough sell.  Here's the concept:  physicians, nurses, PAs and NPs are health-care providers.  We make decisions with/for our patients using the information that we gather.  


  • History
  • Exam
  • Lab data
  • radiology
  • Medical knowledge (we learned this at some point)
    • today
    • last week
    • last month
    • last year
    • in medical school
    • not yet

If we're trying to gather information using a computer, the usability of that computer for information retreival becomes important … even vital. 

But where's the case for this?  There may not be an easy sell for spending money on a better UI so that more people can have the "nice" view of the information.  Gotta make the case that the "nice" view is really much more than "nice."  It's about enabling users to find the right information quickly.  On the web, I found:  Business Case for Usability, a well thought-out discussion of UI conepts.  Not bad, but not enough.

I'll keep looking