Diagnostic Cases

Chuck Zelnik, at Cedar Rapids has posted a number of Diagnostic Cases on the web. "Two sets of diagnostic case problems, illustrating the PRACTICAL use of Bayes theorm as an EBM tool for common clinical problems. These problems especially focus on the use of tests. The posting includes several Powerpoint sets that are used to discuss the problems. There is also a Powerpoint that shows the use of Bayes methods in forming an ethical perspective on Health Maintenance screening tests.

We give them out a week ahead as homework problems, then discuss them. The problems utilize one of the Clinical Calculators developed by Robert Hamm at OklahomaState, but they can also be done by hand.

Problem sets from 1999 include strep throat, PSA, pheochromocytoma testing (for HTN), breast cancer.

2000 Problem sets include TB skin testing, Pap smears, H. Pylorii.

These sets take a LOT of work to find relevant prevalences (or incidences for a ballpark rate, if prevalences are not available). Residents or students who do the sets should have a much better understanding of the disease process, as well as better diagnostic strategies."