Wondering when you will be

Wondering when you will be able to register a .med domain name? The ICANN will be discussing both HOW and WHEN to intorduce new categories ("top-level domains") of domain names next menth. An excellent document on the ICANN website describes both the rationale and the history for introducing new TLDs in addition to .com, .net and .org.

I stumbled on a link

I stumbled on a link to this:Pocket Patient Billing for the Palm Computing Platform. I've not tried it .. but tempted to. Medical applications for the palmpilot are growing in both number and size. I'm NOT a fan of big software. Entering patient informaiton into palmpilots all day is not medical care. Patient tracking programs like pocketMD create a shadow medical record that is rarely necessary. The nice thing about Pocket Patient Billing is that the software only tries to do what is necessary – track names, dates, ICD-9 codes, etc. I think I'll try it!