Medicalogic continues their very agressive

Medicalogic continues their very agressive strategy to be in the hearts and minds of physicians. Their imaginative marketing strategy includes the gift of a 100 minute calling card to US 4th year medical students in their "match day" envelopes last week … and the innovative Residents Program, through which residents and faculty "will receive copies of logician internet."

Add these programs to Medicalogic's recent acquisition of TotalEmed and Medscape and it becomes clear that medicalogic will become a significant force in the internet health space.

TotalEmed is an interesting move. This company's business model is similar to that of Rodeer Systems, a large transcription company that has grown by purchasing smaller "mom & pop" transcription companies. TotalEmed, working with software developed by CareFlow|Net, provides physicians with a way to veiw and retreive their dictated notes through a web broweser.

What would Medicalogic want with a transcription company? I suppose that we should all stay tuned to see what they have up their sleeves .. But I would bet that as we see Medicalogic's user base grow … we will see them offering data entry services or enhanced manipluation (importing?) of dictated notes into the clinical record.

But Medicalogic is not the only player in this game, and it will be interesting to see how the convergence of services for physicians pans out.