I’ve been using MyHQ for

I've been using MyHQ for about a year now. This is a free site where you can create a set of bookmarks that you can use from anywhere. It's more versatile than My.yahoo and the other "personalized portals," and it is easy to edit, modify and update links. Introduced to the family medicine community last year by Paul Kleeberg, it is now in use by many family medicine residencies as a shared "home page." One great feature is that we can "grab" a set of links from each other. This is what the internet is all about! We are sharing useful resources. When my "evidence-based" set of links is on your page and I update mine .. yours is automatically upddated too … so we are all maintaining each other's pages!

MyHQ is great for teaching students and residents about the internet. I often will take students on a "tour" of the internet, and they can create their own MYHQ page as we go.

One downside of MyHQ is that the links to "public pages" are tough to remember. I've put quick links to several of them at a URL that's easier to remember: www.fplinks.org.

It’s been a while since

It's been a while since I've looked at WebMD. Their lead designer, Bruce Tognazzini, worked for Apple Computer for many years and wrote a wonderful column on interface design in every issue of Apple Developer News.

"Tog" still writes a column on human interface .. it's on the web now, of course.

Not surprisingly, WebMD's interface is clean, and easy to navigate. I've never seen what's inside the "paid" site, so I can't comment on what's hidden in there, but the public site is becoming more and more useful.

They now have made Scientific American Medicine available "for a limited time" to users of the WebMD site. To use SAM for free, log in to the WebMD physician's library page, click on the "Scientific American" button … you should be able to find your way in from there.