Mark Frisse offers some

Mark Frisse offers some compelling questions (and a few answers) on medical informatics in this month's Academic Medicine. At the AAMC meeting this past October, I was fortunate enough to hear Mark give a talk. Of the growing number of budding medical informaticists I meet these days, mark is one of a remarkably small number who "gets it." He understands enough medicine, informatics, and medical education to see clearly what will work and what won't. Mark also has the powerpoint slides from this talk available on his website:

CBS and medscape have joined

CBS and medscape have joined together to create CBS Healthwatch This emphasizes how the big media companies (big $$) view medicine as something worthwhile investing in. The site features "my health manager" which allows members to chat with "health mates" who may have similar medical concerns. There is also a "daily diary," a calendar, and several other features. I think these features add little to what is actually a rather good source of clear patient-oriented health information. I found a nice link to a self-assessment tool for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

emedicine is getting better. This

emedicine is getting better. This site started over a year ago and had very little content. The content is still sparse — and primary care topics are especially absent from the list of completed topics. This is a good ieda though: A collaborative project to build up-to-date online medical information. I still look to dynamed first if I need good, current online medical information.

I’ve added MedEdNews to the

I've added MedEdNews to the links at the top of the page. It's the only other medical weblog that I know of. David Theige's links are complimentary to those that you see here and he's got a searchable archive. His site runs on Manila. If I have time over the next week, I'll migrate docnotes to Manila as well. I'm currently using Blogger which has many features that make weblog creation and maintenance very easy.

See the link from yesterday's MedEdNews on the NetNote project at MGH. It is impressive.