The Library of the National

The Library of the National Medical Sociey is an interesting website. Lots of clinically useful stuff here. It's organized by the folks who publish the Current Clinical Strategies books .. those pocket-sized books with suggested admission orders for many common problems, etc. It's a subscription site, but the annual fee ($9.95) is nominal. I'm not sure that I would agree that the "journals" are in fact journals. While there is no advertising, there is also no mention of peer review, and the "articles" appear many times. For example, the same Sinusitis article appears in the "Journal of Medicine" and the "Journal of Pediatrics" and the "Journal of Family Medicine."
Still, there are many well written, concise summaries to common clinical problems. The "online diagnosis" is a fun decision tool. While it doesn't rival Dxplain or QMR, it is a demonstration of both the complexity and potential utility of decision support.